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Repairs to damaged frames and windows are a snap for the experts at Barstow Glass & Mirror

Where timber decay has affected the window frame, this can be repaired with our specialist at barstow glass .window-repair

Typical problems affecting timber windows are caused by lack of maintenance and general wear and tear. Full operational condition will be restored after our experienced technicians overhaul, repair and adjust the window.

Sash and case windows may suffer from rattles and draughts and this can be eliminated with fitting our draught- proofing system.

Clients are finding significant savings by opting to renovate rather than replace windows in their property. Disturbance to the property and the client is also significantly reduced during the works

Home Window Replacement

Gone are the days when homeowners’ interest in windows was limited to whether they could find appropriate coverings for the glass. Today’s energy-conscious consumers want to minimize the costs of heating and cooling their homes. Whether you’re building a new home or planning to replace existing windows, the key is to know which choices will give you the biggest bang for your buck without delivering a blow to your bottom line….

HGTV has some great tips on repair or installing new home windows that will both save you money and look great! Click to Read More!

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Shower Doors Add Sophistication

Replacing tired old glass doors for sleek or post-modern styles can dramatically increase light, or create privacy in a unique way. We can assist in any and all shower upgrades, installs, or repairs











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